Wish list

Things I would appreciate during my service in Botswana:

fruit rolls
Dried figs, mangos, or other dried fruits: goji berries:
 cliff bars:  pure coconut bars: macro bars (coconut chocolate): just great stuff bars, especially the greens and acai:  I won't eat peanut butter or anything with AGAVE in it!
Lydia's organic grainless apple or berry cereal
dried black bean flakes
  Paul newmans pretzels
 small kid size vanilla or chocolate coconut milk, or soy milk
thai or indian soups, spices, anything thai or Indian
small canned coconut milk for cooking
Canned boneless and skinless salmon, tuna, or sardines from Whole foods!
Frankly, anything from whole foods!
kids school supplies, stickers, colored pens, tracing books, games.
Magazines...yoga...anything of a spiritual or health type
donations to Marilyn who knows everything I like!

A Plane Ticket to my mom's 80th birthday in April!

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