Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Snake

Holy Crap! Is that a snake's trail that I woke up to, or is that a snake trail?  Several nights ago, after having gone to a BBQ with all the Senoir teachers, I got home and dumped out of my sandle all this sand thinking I would clean it up in the morning.  Morning came, I go into the bathroom where the sand was dumped, and yikes, I see this trail through the sand. Immediately I looked down into the toilet to make sure I wasn't sitting on any lurking snake heads, and then I called Keoki in to see what his assessment of the situation was. Keoki didn't seem disturbed at all by anything, so with Keoki by my side, and broom in hand, we went searching for the snake. Somehow I was really calm, I didn't start screaming or anything, but in my head, I'm ready to die! I know that's a contradiction, but compared to how I could have been, this was good! We didn't find anything, it was raining outside, cold, and I plodded my way to school with my camera and the snake pics. Everyone, except one, agreed that it was a snake. They then started spooking me, telling me the snake crawled in here and there and everywhere, and since I left the house, probably found a nice little nitch to snuggle up in. God, I hate these people right now! They are laughing at me, but really, African's are deathly afraid of snakes....and they should be!

The head of the school sent 3 of the grounds people over and the day guard, who sleeps all day, over to my house to inspect. At least the day guard has some excitement here! They walked home with me, only to laugh, showing me that my ant friends had built a road all night long. They promised me that's all it was. Whew! Seriously, I don't know what I would've done if it had been a snake. I can take seeing them outside if need be, not that I want to run into a black mamba in or outside, but there's something creepy about it being in your house.

Some people love snakes, some love spiders and all sorts of creepy crawling things. I wonder how those people would feel if one were, let's say, lying on their dresser draw, or better yet, having crawled in their pillow case! I find it hard to believe that they would just sit around and start talking to the thing. The last time I was in Thailand, I saw 3 snakes within a few hours, and the Thai told me that it was very good luck to see a snake. But this is not Thailand, the snakes here are not Buddhists, and these people not are talking about luck, they are talking about fear!  All I have to say is that I love animals, but some are better left far away from me, for the simple reason that reptiles have no sense of humor!  

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