Thursday, June 28, 2012

A 60th and a Shower

Bots 11 made it all the way to the party, and our friend, Karla, made it all the way to 60. This past Saturday night, Karla threw a 60th birthday bash that once again brought us all together, and reminded us that life in the later years does not stop. We had quite the time last night, eating a catered Indian food dinner that satisfied all, watching a 30 minute video of Karla's life, then dancing the night away, and being goofy. Bots 11 loves a party, they love to dance, and even the few of us who are not dancers, we're dragged onto the floor to share in the love and comraderie of this group. The few of Bots 10 who were there, commented on the aura of our group. It feels good to be a part of a special group.

Most of you reading this don't know Karla, but she was placed in the perfect country, Botswana---known as the Posh Corps. Karla bought a washer, a tv, microwave, and for all we know, she has a house boy too. I even thought I heard she was wearing a Mink with Brad Pitts picture on it---that's our Karla—feisty, and always making a statement. But, ya gotta hand it to her for doing her 2nd childhood in the Peace Corps, and for showing everyone how to have a good time at 60!

After the party, four of us snuggled together in bed, but Bots 11 doesn't slow down—they were walking in and out until 2am, talking, laughing, and arguing about who knows what. Yet, besides the good food and catching up with those we don't get to see often, I think everyones favorite part was jumping in a hot shower and getting clean. Yep, you should've heard the oohs and aahs, and the singing and moans coming out of the shower from each and every one of us. So happy 60th Karla, and thanks for one great night of having hot water!

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  1. First I didn't buy a tv! I have one but I didn't buy it. And the house 'boy' HATES to be called boy! Second childhood? Hmmmm, sounds very close to 'immature, she said sticking out her tongue.' Thanks for the great pics and I'm glad you had such a good time. So did I!