Sunday, April 8, 2012


This past Saturday, I went to Kanye to catch up with the family. Grandma is back for two months and when I approached, she shook her big finger at me like I've been a bad girl. In fact, I haven't been bad—I've been so good that it's scaring me! All I could do was to shake my finger back at her, making her laugh and remember who I was.

Mom, Dad, and Kesego come back from Church, and fed me a good African meal. I asked my mom if there was any wisdom in eating with your hands---”No Tshepo, No Wisdom!” You see Tseph, we didn't have utensils back in those days, and some things just taste better with your hands.....period! Besides, it's easier, you don't have to wash dishes afterwards, now doesn't that make sense? Sure does mom, I hate doing dishes.

Noticably though, it truly is an art to eating traditional African foods with your hands, but you have to watch very carefully, or in my case, get a lesson from master mom. You can only use your right hand, make a ball with 3 fingers---no rolling in your palms like we would make a meatball---no--just 3 fingers and then you put your thumb print in the ball, and use that to scoop in meat, veggies, or a sauce, and then plop in your mouth gracefully. It's the graceful part I have trouble with! Now if you haven't perfected this technique, watch out---it'll plop on your shirt or some other unintended destination, thus making everyone laugh at your blunder.

It's hard stuff doing it right, but my mom is usually wiser than she thinks---it truly does taste better with your hands.  Did you know Tshep, "If a child washes his hands, he could eat with Kings!" (African Proverb) Thanks Mom, I knew I came here for a reason today!

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