Thursday, April 5, 2012


We need wilderness whether or not we ever set foot in it. We need a refuge even though we may never need to go there....we need the possibility of escape as surely as we need hope! Edward Abbey

Finally, I get to do what I love best---travel! The travel bug is a kind of illness, a delicious illness to have, and I have it badly! It is Easter Break, I would say Spring break, but it is fall here going into winter, yet it's still Easter and Passover time, and very confusing. But thankfully traveling is traveling. Seven of us make our way on the 10 hour bus ride up North to Maun, to stay in a backpackers hostel. Lying in my bed, next to my fellow PCV's, I reflect on the days I had money and traveled in style. But this is better in many ways, having rustic charm on a river, not having gourmet food, not having luxury baths. It builds something called character, and no matter, it's still travel, it's still an experience, it's still a wonder!

Driving through Moremi, it matters not how many animals are out in a day---what does matter is the land, the surreal nature, the habitat that has been untouched since the beginning of time. The landscape speaks to my inner senses, and an eerie sense of calm comes over me, just as the animals exude calm and acceptance. The golden plains against the early morning sun, the lone boabab tree, are all almost to much to bare.

The lone giraffe, with it's tall, stately features, glares through the bush, wondering why we stop to gawk at him. More giraffe come to see, then realizing there is no danger, they munch on the leaves of the trees, stare back, and then fade into the magic of God's Garden.

The impala with their graceful leap over the bush and over their friends, the leopard shows us his strong, but shy personality, the dexterity of the cheetah is like looking at Baryshnikov dance, and the way the elephant always comes towards you to tell you that this is his garden, not yours, and the hippo with it's loud song. I wish I could impart this thrill and sheer joy of being in God's Garden on you, but it is something only to be expeienced firsthand. It truly is though God's Garden, and what a wonderful garden it is!

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