Friday, March 22, 2013

Month of Youth Against Aids

What have I been up to lately you ask----well these past weeks my counterpart and I have been hustling to hold an all day special event at our school to commemorate the Month of Youth Against Aids, with our central them being "With Safe Male Circumcision, we are driving towards ZERO by 2016." The day turned out to be a wonderful engaging and entertaining mix of HIV based activities with an emphasis on personal discipline arising from self-awareness.  The campaign urges youth to abstain, discourages multiple sex partners, and encourages safe male circumcision.  Our activities were all intertwined with a jaw dropping musical performance by Johnny Mokhali who is a famous South African Pop Musician.  How we landed him is beyond me, but his music and inspirational messages, not only made us dance the day away, but also touched each and every one of us.  For the first time since I"ve been here, I looked into these kids eyes and saw motivation and hope for the future. 

No one can lead our lives for us, so really it's up to each one of these kids to be responsible.  This is the generation that has the ability to break the cycle of stigma, gender roles, poverty, AIDS, and neglect that prevents youth from reaching their given potential.  

I for one was so moved by the events of this day, that I came home, sat on my porch with a glass of South African wine, watching an African rainbow after a brief thundershower, and thanked my lucky stars that I am here in Botswana and lending a small hand for change!

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